Pizza pattern / for dragvns

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burnsherlock replied to your photoset “watching battlestar galactica more like rip my heart out and stomp on…”

I’ve never watched it

oh man you really should

new Mockingjay still (x)
sapphlre said: Warstan <3




I got new clothes yay 🍉

m a r r y   m e !!!!!

cutieeee omg


ok lovely readers I’ve got two options:

  1. I can post the next chapter tonight/tomorrow. it will be shorter, but it will end at a great place and leave you all questioning. also you will all be mad.
  2. I can post the next chapter like… later… next weekend. it will be much much longer, like so long it will probably reach the climax of the story, but that might ruin some of the tension for you guys. don’t worry tho because you will all still be mad.

ok let me know what you prefer plz?


There is a very distinct theme of betrayal, heartbreak, and redemption laced through John and Mary’s story in HLV, and there are a lot of people on this website who have completely overlooked this very important thing regarding the development of Mary’s character and honestly that really concerns me

like all people are focusing on is how much they hate Mary for betraying John and lying to him and shooting Sherlock etc and they are totally missing what her character arc adds to the story which is a very important human element, that people are flawed and we should learn to love them despite those flaws and mistakes that can otherwise easily be used to define them

emperorirene replied to your post: hello my name is alyssa and I ship war…

I don’t fuckin believe you. What’s your REAL name?